Solar System Montage

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Solar System Montage of planetary images from top, and the spacecraft responsible are: Mercury by Mariner 10, Venus by Magellan, Earth by Galileo, Mars by Viking, and the Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune by Voyager (Pluto is not shown as no spacecraft had yet visited it). Diameters are: Sun 1,390,000 km, Mercury 4,879 km, Venus 12,104 km, Earth 12,756 km, Moon 3,475 km, Mars 6,794 km, Jupiter 142.984 km, Saturn 120,536 km, Uranus 51,118 km, Neptune 49,528 km, and Pluto 2,390 km (NASA Media Archives).

Contemporary Framed Print with Snow White Mount in Solid Wood Black Frame (not MDF)

Giclee printed on Fine Art Paper using UV stable inks

Frame Style :

Black Solid Wood frame with perspex front ready to hang.

Image Size :

30cm x 40cm

Frame Size :

40cm x 50cm