Space Transportaion System

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A remote camera at the Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad 39A captured this scene as the maiden flight of space shuttle Columbia begins. Astronauts John W. Young, STS-1 commander, and Robert L. Crippen, pilot, are aboard Columbia as it begins an orbital mission scheduled to last for 54 hours. The flight will end on April 14 with an unpowered landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Three main engines and two solid rocket boosters are necessary to boost the 150,000 pound orbiter into Earth orbit. Image credit: NASA

Contemporary Framed Print with Snow White Mount in Solid Wood Black Frame (not MDF)

Giclee printed on Fine Art Paper using UV stable inks

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Black Solid Wood frame with perspex front ready to hang. 

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30cm x 40cm

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40cm x 50cm