What is the size of actual size of the image? 

The actual image size for the 30cm x 40cm is 20cm x 30cm, and for the 40cm x 50cm it is 30cm x 40cm. This is to allow for mounting of the image in a frame. We can however print your image to the full size, just let us know. 

Some images on my screen look poor quality? 

Don't worry, we use previews of the images on the website so that they don't take too long to load. The one you receive will be of a very good quality.

Can the image size be changed? 

Yes, we can print to any size up to 44". We can also provide frames to suit.

Do you ship outside of the UK? 

At present, this isn't available through the website. We will ship outside of the UK but there will be a charge for this. 

What are the frames like?

The frames are manufactured here in the UK and are made from solid wood (not MDF) and finished in black. Other finishes are available on request.